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Illustration of camp participants sitting around a fire where the logs are made using code tags.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed with beginners in mind, and we focus on enabling campers to build projects that showcase their new skills. Our goal is to show the possibilities of technology.

Workshops for 2023

Coding is telling the computer what to do. We run coding workshops that teach the basics with live coding, troubleshooting sessions, and videos.

Rotman Coding Challenge Flyer

Coming SoonπŸ’»Workshop

We are excited to be redesigning our programs for 2023!

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Gif of a project made by campers. It is an adaptation of pong where the ball changes colour when it is hit.Pong Game by Natalia, Selina, Arushna & Mari

Mentorship Program

Building a project is not only one of the best ways to learn how to code, but they are often showcased during job interviews. In our Mentorship Program, we match you with a mentor who is either a graduate student in computer science or a member of the tech industry. They work with you and a small group of other campers to build something pretty darn cool.

Important Dates:
  • Applications Open: March 2022
  • Application Deadline: July 2022
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Projects by Campers

A gif of a pong game made by campers.

Ping Pong

Mentorship Program 2020

Check out this project made by Leah M., Adriana M., and Robyn W. mentored by Nicole S. and Yijang H. at our annual mentorship program. They built a ping pong game and added a cool new rule.

Byte-sized Series

In this series of events, we teach you important skills that are not often taught in class in short 1-2 hour workshops. Join us to learn!

Coder's Camp Coding Workshop

How to start a coding project!πŸ“Ό New video

Want to start a project but don’t know where to start? We created a video with tips on how to get started!

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