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Grab a log and have a seat around the fire.
There’s always room for s’more.

Illustration of camp participants sitting around a fire where the logs are made using code tags.
A volunteer helping a participant with a problem.

Volunteer 🔑

Our volunteers are key to making it all happen. We are always looking for folks with a range of experience. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or are just interested in diversifying tech, get in touch! There’s always space for more help.



Workshop Instructor

Develop content and teach coding skills and soft skills.

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Help the planning team create a more inclusive community


Use your business, education, or technology experience to help grow our organization

Corporate Partners

We are currently looking for monetary support and in-kind contributions such as:

  • Mentors with expertise in business
  • Funding
  • Space to run our events
  • Exposure
  • Workshop materials (laptops, cloud credits, etc.)
Let's Chat

Ambassador Program

Join the team for 2022! Apply now to be an ambassador on the HCC planning committee for 2022. We are looking for two ambassadors to help shape our 2022 programme.

  • leading, planning, and managing our community building activities
  • planning coffee chat(s)
  • planning ice breakers for our events
  • attending the staff meetings

This role is what you make it. We're looking for ways to become a better, more accessible community and we would love to hear from you. The time commitment is ~2hrs weekly.

Applications are now closed!

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